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NIHAO JOURNAL releases 2nd issue!

This issue focus on the Scandinavian lifestyle and creativity.

This issue focus on the Scandinavian life and creativity. Interviewing Tivoli and Normann Copenhagen about their latest collaboration for the Tivoli collection. You will learn about Magnus Maarbjerg, co-founder of Fokstrot, and his view of Copenhagen and their man-made island CPH-Ø1 in Copenhagen harbour. Mikkeller’s art director Keith Shore tells the story of how it all started with Henry and Sally and he shares the latest design.


We Launch Our Own WeChat Mini-Program

From China to Copenhagen, our favorite places to visit are curated in the NIHAO JOURNAL City Guide


48h in Brisbane and Taipei

Travel - We have been travelling, our community of contributors from around the world shared experiences and stories.from their city. Brisbane to Taipei, local and hidden gems have been visited and now published on WeChat, @nihaojournal.



Vipp released their first new chair.


Culture & Fashion

On Valentine’s day we shared the stories from couple who have been married for one year.

Rasmus Gregersen