100,000 Chinese travellers can now interact with our Smart Wall


With our Smart Wall in Copenhagen Airport, we turn Chinese awareness into engaged online customers.

Each year there are over 110,000 Chinese arriving in Copenhagen Airport and passing by the luggage area. There, the Smart Wall will be one of the first initial impressions of Copenhagen and Danish lifestyle that Chinese tourists will meet.

With the Smart Wall located at the baggage handling area for Asia tourists’ arrival, it is displayed at the perfect spot to get the Chinese tourists attention when they just have arrived and are waiting for their luggage.

NIHAO CPH’s Smart Wall displays QR-codes on each side of the screen. One directs the consumer directly to the NIHAO CPH city guide, helping the tourists finding the best spots for shopping, dining and enjoying Copenhagen and Copenhagen Airport, and the other QR-code is to NIHAO CPH’s own shop on WeChat. The shop includes popular lifestyle brands that the tourists can purchase while they are in Copenhagen or when they get home, the products will then be delivered directly to China.

In the middle of the Smart Wall is a screen with short and changing brand videos to catch the tourist’ attention and showcase the products in the NIHAO shop.

In China, the use of QR-codes is a very common necessity in daily life for purchasing, payments and source of information. That’s why NIHAO CPH has taken these common habits in the Chinese daily routine and greet the Chinese tourists in Copenhagen with what is familiar and natural.

NIHAO CPH is the platform, which bridges the gap between awareness, sales and logistics. Trusted by Nordic brands and Chinese users we create a lifestyle experience in Chinese and give them the opportunity to purchase the products right away, delivered to their hotel or directly to their home in China.

Rasmus Gregersen