The Smart Wall

Simple Concept

Give the Chinese travelers a unique and hassle-free experience when visiting a new destination.

By welcoming and connecting with travelers on their terms, we create an extra level of hospitality and personal experience for the tech-savvy travelers.

With sophisticated technology and integration of QR-codes, travelers can easily access the interactive universe of the city and commerce.


Copenhagen Airport

Welcoming +100,000 Chinese Travellers

Each year over 110,000 Chinese travelers arrives at Copenhagen Airport. There, the Smart Wall is one of the first initial impressions of Copenhagen and Danish lifestyle that Chinese travelers will meet.

Featured with inspirational destination and brand videos and QR-codes, the Smart Wall catches the travelers attention and convert it into action.


Want to be part of the Smart Wall in Copenhagen Airport?



More Smart Walls are coming to Europe!


Airports and tourist hotspots around Europe are getting ready for the Smart Walls.
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